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Easy Fret Care REFILL

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Size: 2.0mm - Yellow

The Easy Fret Care Kit provides luthiers, techs, and musicians a quick and easy way to keep your frets looking top notch. The Fret Care Sheet is designed and produced specifically for fret cleaning so you can clean your frets without worrying about affecting the fingerboard. They can be stuck on and peeled off the fretboard multiple times, from 5-10 frets. One page of care sheets (3 to a page) can clean frets on one instrument. The Fret Care Cloth contains a micro abrasive and wax already in the cloth, allowing you to remove mild rust and dullness, and shining up your frets. The cloth will become black as you polish the metal frets, but do not wash the cloth as it will remove the wax and micro abrasive. 

The REFILL kit includes:
2 x Fret Care Cloth
5 x Fret Care Sheet

There are 3 different slot sizes for the Fret Care Sheet,
2.0mm (0.080”), 2.4mm (0.095”), 2.8mm (0.110”) width.
Please select the sheet to best fit your fret size.