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Rocklite Sundari Fingerboard blank, Man-Made Sustainable Rosewood-type composite, 20" long

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1 piece, size: 0.27" x 2.7" x 20"
Rocklite® Sundari is a man-made Rosewood-type product, engineered entirely from real, sustainable wood, thereby offering a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to rosewood . Sundari has been used very successfully in lutherie as fingerboards, head veneers, bindings and bridges.
Every piece is jet black, arrow straight grained, and sawn dead on quarter. In short, as good as the most perfect rosewood -- every time!
The latest technology in Phenolic Ultra Violet light absorbers are used in their production.
During pre-production testing, Sundari was subjected many times to extreme long-term UV exposure, and in each case it held its color better than the natural hardwoods used as a comparison.
We recommend that when finishing with lemon oil, coconut oil, or any other finishing product that you use a finish containing a UV inhibitor.