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Roi Premium Hot Melt Adhesive for Low Speed Edgebanders (20kg Bucket)

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Roi Premium Edgebander glue for slower feed speeds with a longer open time, fast heat up and excellent choice for all edge tapes. Recomended for Roi EB300 series edgebanders and other similar speed machines.
  • Edges: 0.5mm-3mm PVC, ABS, Polyester, Wood veneer, and melamine
  • Long open time, suitable for machines speed 5M-10M per minute
  • High hot tack, excellent bonding on all type of edges
  • Easy melting, allowing a fast warm up
  • Moderate heat resistance
  • Application temperature: 170 - 190°C
  • Melting point 86°C - Set standby mode to 83°C
  • Medium viscosity
  • Ivory Colour